Western Medicine Wagon 
The concepting was done in Photoshop. The plan was to create a stylized wagon that would theoretically sell medicines in the Wild West. Since the drugs weren't family-friendly, I wanted to come up with a written style that could be decoded by those who are familiar with the Wild West, but remain PG to younger viewers. 
The base model was created in Maya, ZBrush was used add wear and tear, and final detailing of wood grain was done in Substance Painter.
Substance Painter was used for all the texturing. The wood grain was hand painted in using a normal map and the textures for the posters and medicines were created in Procreate. Below is a sample of the UV maps and texture maps exported out of Substance Painter, along with the decals that were used.
The scene was rendered in Marmoset with post-processing done in Lightroom. 
adobe photoshop | procreate | Maya | Zbrush | substance painter | marmoset | adobe Lightroom