Environment and Texture Artist
Set Dresser

Pogglewash is a stylized 3D platformer where you play as a pollution-cleaning robot on an alien planet. Along the way, he befriends creatures who help him on his mission to clean Poggle Rock. This game was an academic project completed at DigiPen Institute of Technology with an art team size of ten.​​​​​​​
adobe photoshop | procreate | Maya | Zbrush | substance painter | unreal 4 ​​​​​​​
Poggle shrine
The Poggle Shrine was the last object the player had to clean before the final cutscene was triggered.
Palm tree Asset Kit
The palm trees were the main environment asset used to fill out the beach biome. The trunks and foliage were modeled separately and blueprinted in Unreal to provide more customization opportunities. A decal was also added to the base of the trunk to make the trees feel more grounded.
Poggle Nests
Since the game had momma and baby Pogglewonks, it made sense to create nests that could be used to fill out the mountain roost biome. The nests were intended to blend in nicely with the ground and foliage. 
Ground Decals
The lighting artist implemented a day night cycle so we decided to add emissive ground decals to create visual interest at night. 
Set Dressing
One of the biggest tasks was implementation of assets as there was a lot of foliage that need to be placed to fill out the environment. My tasks including landscape painting, placing assets created by myself and the other environment artists, and assisting with lighting.
Harriet Clarke